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A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you.
Caitlin Stasey   (via thepeacefulterrorist)

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its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain



new in my collection :3 so happy .. thanks to my girl Petra Brkić  <3Done at https://www.facebook.com/TattooKenfa?fref=ts in Zagreb / Croatia

nikariot guuurl




new in my collection :3 so happy .. thanks to my girl Petra Brkić  <3
Done at https://www.facebook.com/TattooKenfa?fref=ts in Zagreb / Croatia

nikariot guuurl



a tumblr moderator hard at work

this is actually real footage of punkinchulatte at her desk


a tumblr moderator hard at work

this is actually real footage of punkinchulatte at her desk


  • Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?
  • Werewolf: If you had to spend your life with just one person, who would it be?
  • Witch: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  • Ghost: Do you have any regrets?
  • Frankenstein: Is someone telling you how to live your life, or are you an independent person?
  • Mummy: If you were to fall into an eternal sleep, do you think anyone would miss you?
  • Zombie: Do you miss anyone right now?
  • Faerie: If you could get away with anything, what would you do?
  • Nymph: What are you like when you’re by yourself?
  • Mermaid: How far would you go to keep the one you love?
  • Shapeshifter: What would you change about yourself?
  • Banshee: If you knew one of your loved ones/best friends had only one day left to live, how would you spend that last day with them?
  • Siren: If you could make anyone do anything, what would you make them do?
  • Genie: If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t be reversed, what would you ask for?
  • Fury: What is a word/phrase that you dread to hear?
  • Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?
  • Succubus: What’s one thing you can’t live without?







out of all the aspects of millennial-bashing, i think the one that most confuses me is the “millennials all got trophies as a kid, so now they’re all self-centered narcissists” theory

like— kids are pretty smart, y’all. they can see that every kid on the team gets a trophy and is told they did a good job; they can also see that not every kid on the team deserves a trophy, and not everyone did do a good job

the logical conclusion to draw from this is not “i’m great and i deserve praise”— it’s “no matter how mediocre i am, people will still praise me to make me feel better, so i can’t trust any compliments or accolades i receive”

this is not a recipe for overconfidence and narcissism. it is a recipe for constant self-guessing, low self-esteem, and a distrust of one’s own abilities and skills.

where did this whole “ugh millennials think their so-so work is super great” thing even come from it is a goddamn mystery

what fucking kills me is, yeah, maybe we got the trophies, but who gave them out

this is not a recipe for overconfidence and narcissism. it is a recipe for constant self-guessing, low self-esteem, and a distrust of one’s own abilities and skills.

Which is pretty much what mental health practitioners observe happening.

It’s also what I observed happening as a singing teacher: the older kids literally would not believe a positive word I said until I had proved I would tell them they screwed up/had done badly/etc. I did so in as useful a way as possible (“So this passage. We really need to work on this passage. A lot. This passage is not good yet.”), but with almost every adolescent I taught I had to prove I would give them straight-up criticism before they would parse my praise as anything other than meaningless “the grownups always do this” noise.

Yeah, I’ve run into this a lot. And the thing is, I’m pretty non-empathic about things most of the time. Like, I will quite seriously look at someone I really care about who is in obvious pain and just start laughing because they look funny when they’re in pain. (It is not Jesse’s fault that severe distress makes him look like kermit the frog.) And the beautiful thing is, it turns out I’m really beneficial to people who got screwed by this and ended up with no clue how to tell whether praise is meaningful or sincere, because they don’t have to know me long at all to realize that I’m actually telling them what I think, and if what I think is something they would be proud of, then they can trust that I’m not just saying it to make them feel good.

it’s even worse than that — the culture of universal praise means that a lot of adults would disguise criticism and insults as praise — backhanded compliments, very-obviously-obligatory congratulations, door-prize trophies handed off with a shrug and a sigh. and those ‘compliments’ that twist around and bite you halfway through, like “you have so much potential” and “we always expect so much from you” — oh, and let’s not forget the ‘compliment’ of adults having unrealistically high expectations and disapproving of your inability to meet them. but it’s praise, see, you should be proud that they’re never satisfied with your best efforts because they think you should be a superhero.

which teaches you that not only is praise not positive, praise is poison.

i’m a gen-x’er, btw, not a milennial. i was born in 1972. mine was the first generation raised on participation trophies, gold stars just for being a warm body, and “everyone is special!” before adults learned we’d figured out that if everyone is ‘special’ no one is special.

my parents’ generation was told that if they bust ass and don’t get sick or something, they can have a house, a car, and a living wage. that was the American Dream .

my generation was told that we can be anything! we can be ASTRONAUTS AND PRESIDENTS! ALL OF US! all you have to do is BELIEVE! because you’re SPECIAL! and then when we realized we were growing up to be regular schmoes, we got really weird about it.

i’m honestly not sure what the milennials were told, but whatever it was, i can tell y’all knew it was a ration of shit from the get-go. you’re a generation without a dream. that may be a good thing. we got fed impossible dreams and had to live through losing them. you’ve got to build your own, but from what i’ve seen, you’re doing a hell of a decent job of it.

i guess what i’m trying to say is: here’s one middle-aged guy saying i don’t think you’re a generation of narcissists. i think you’re a generation of individualists. there’s a big difference.

That’s an interesting take on millennials, actually! I consider the defining feature of the millennial generation is that we’re super-social. We band together and support one another ferociously, that I’ve noticed, though I guess also at this point it’s a bit hard to guess how much of it is just teenage cliquishness since so many of us are under-twenty.

But still it seems like 70’s and 80’s teens were a lot more overtly individualistic, removed from society, and contemptuous of society, you know? Stand-offish and uninvolved. Your average millennial now is wired right in to creating, critiquing, repairing, and re-inventing societies. 

Maybe that’s why we’re so standoffish about poisonous praise? ‘You’re not living up to your potential, honey! We wanted so much more…’ the world we’re expected to fit into is gone. The standard by which we’re measured is so obviously and frustratingly warped! We want honesty and transparency, not barbed ass-pats and polite fictions. We need to diagnose problems accurately before we can go and fix them—and we want to fix these problems, we’re desperate to. But all we get is corrupt governments, rigged elections, killer cops, unpaid internships, and Time Magazine running article after article about how self-centered we are to buy an iphone.

I wonder how much more aware kids are now that they’re being lied to, you know? I think maybe it happened gradually over the last fifty years, but I know that millennial kids and boomer adults have intensely different paradigms on basically everything, especially when it comes to privacy, authority, honesty… 

But of course, our parents only wanted the best for us… we were such good kids.  

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nikariot replied to your post: So I’m going to see Dracula Untold wit…

i’m honestly really really really excited to see what you think of this movie and to read all of your angry historical rants/meta

The beautiful thing about this, see, is that I don’t actually need to watch the movie to get angry about it, I just have to watch the trailer and look at the character list.

  • this movie is going to suck, I can’t wait
  • look at this thing LOOK AT IT. All character names are either Romanian or Turkish. I went through that entire list and there are just two actors, one Romanian and one Turkish, who play palace guards and are uncredited
  • which means we’ll get a bunch of English-speaking actors calling eachother ‘Nicolae’ and ‘Andrei’ and ‘Captain Petru’ OMG I CAN’T WAIT
  • Dominic Cooper as Mehmed II, are you fucking kidding me
  • Zach McGowan as ‘Shkelgim, a gypsy chief’ ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
  • Vlad’s son is named Îngeraș. This literally means ‘little angel’ and is not a person’s name unless that person had really weird parents… which I guess if Vlad III is your dad might actually be the case BUT ANYWAY who the fuck directed this? Gary Shore? Who’s Gary Shore? Who are Gary Shore’s historical consultants? Fire them immediately
  • oh man, this means they’re going to be calling Îngeraș by name I s2g if I hear one single ‘In-jee-rash’ in any line of dialogue I will set the whole theatre on fire YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELVES YOU BETTER MAKE AN EFFORT
  • on a more serious note, Vlad III had actual kids of his own and one of them was eventually known as Mihnea the Evil and shock horror he was fucked up.
  • Vlad married the cousin of the King of Hungary to kinda sorta get out of prison where the King of Hungary put him in the first place, if you don’t think that’s hilarious idk what to do with you
  • Vlad was a descendant of the Basarab dynasty that broke up into factions and there was so much in-fighting and backstabbing
  • I mean Game of Thrones levels of in-fighting and backstabbing, you have no idea
  • this entire family was so messed up is what I’m saying here
  • you’ve got at least like, three seasons’ worth of historical material to make this into a successful TV series if you wanted to
  • but ofc why would you want to when you can have a dude turn into five million bats instead
  • wherever Bram Stoker went, I hope he’s publicly shamed everyday for the rest of his miserable afterlife for what he did to history

…and this is literally just from watching the trailer and looking at the cast list, imagine what seeing the movie’s going to do to me



to all my followers: it makes me a terrible person but i’m so so so excited for all of vrabia’s Dracula Untold posts. It’s a terrible thing being done to Romanian (and Balkan? idk actually what the plot of this movie is…) history but look at this quality ranting.

That being said I hadn’t even considered the potential for Roma exploitation and now I am much much much less excited. 

  • re: Roma exploitation, I’m kind of not surprised? Which doesn’t make it OK, it makes it the opposite of OK since there’s this thing prevalent in Western representations of anything vaguely Eastern European and fantasy-ish where there’s going to be a mysterious Roma person cursing people or muttering prophesies or what the fuck ever and just. Oh my god shut up. Shut up forever. 
  • Elizabeth Kostova did this in ‘The Historian’ which was hailed a masterpiece reinterpretation of the Dracula myth (spoilers: it’s shit, christ, it’s a gigantic self-congratulatory exoticising pseudo-academic steaming pile of shit). She had a ~magical Roma woman approach the protagonist (and iirc the protagonist initially thought she wanted to beg for money) to warn against an imminent vampire attack which she knew about because she was magical
  • subject to racism and discrimination irl, exoticized to hell and back in fiction
  • ALSO I forgot to mention this in my initial rant because there was too much stuff, but the Wikipedia article on this movie lists Samantha Barks as ‘Baba Yaga, a beautiful woman who turns into an evil witch’ HOW CONFUSED CAN YOU PEOPLE GET ABOUT MYTHOLOGIES I MEAN???
  • Geographically this shit should be distributed in approximately equal shares between Wallachia, Transylvania and misc. regions in the Balkans under Ottoman occupation. Baba Yaga is a figure from Russian (or more generally Eastern Slavic) folklore. You literally cannot throw a stick at Balkan region folklore without hitting an equivalent figure, but with a different name, and hell actual Romanian folklore conveniently has one, and her name is Muma Pădurii
  • but I guess since this is Eastern Europe we’re all Russia really, including Transylvania which was literally part of the Kingdom of Hungary at the time
  • but anyway let’s look at this some moreimage

On the Roma: I am 100% NOT SURPRISED. I just hadn’t given this any sort of thought until now. I was ignoring it I’m trying not to think about it until I see it and THEN i will be disappointed. Luke Evans is just really beautiful, okay?

I think the thing at the center of this is a really interesting look into this Hollywood American perception of Europe and Eastern Europe in contrast with a Western Europe perception of Eastern Europe. Obviously being driven by the American media, this movie and it’s “stylistic choices” are entirely based in a very American exoticism of Eastern Europe as a monolith (hence the Baba Yaga thing oh my god). As a second gen, I’m pretty comfortable in saying that US views of Eastern Europe are different from Western Europe’s in terms of what the ‘othering’ going on is driven by. Whereas social and socioeconomic conflict perpetuated ethnic stereotyping in Western Europe, in the US…..I think the simplest way to explain it is that in some regard all of Eastern Europe is “Roma.” That the exoticism of the entire region is reflected in this weird old-timey gothic grubby g**sy villager aesthetic. 

Second, I’d argue that Eastern Europe = Russia in the American mindset is sort of based on time periods. Pre-Cold War, I’d say not really because of the World Wars (and nothing outside Western Europe existed before that, right?), then during the Cold War period it’s more complicated in that Americans don’t think of the Soviet Union when they think of Eastern Europe. Not really. In this context, Eastern Europe is a non-entity. The USSR was Russia. No one else existed in Eastern Europe during that time, duh! And then post-USSR it’s sort of dependent upon conflict events so now Eastern Europe is like….ethnic conflict and strife or something. It’s not modern it’s just the garbage that the Russians threw out.

And then finally, the third part of the American image of Eastern Europe is that Vlad will be a beautiful king. But he’s still a barbarian. I think that’s self explanatory I’m stopping here for my own sanity. 

Americans know literally nothing about Europe East of Germany. When I tell Americans I’m Polish-American the response is universally “Oh, I love pierogi/kielbasa.” Wow, you don’t say. Romania is only on the map -and I use that entirely figuratively because most Americans would not be able to place it on an actual map- because of Bram Stoker and I just. Now I don’t want to see this movie. This is why I was trying not to think about it too much yet. Ugh.


Beer honestly just tastes how I imagine urine to taste it is so rank and people are always like nah try this because this is special Beer and then it’s like oh ok urine with cinnamon in it great


Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier